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Néio Souza Bom Junior

Interview conducted in September 2021, kindly provided by Facebook's "Grupo Somos Nós de Adamantina".

  • Neio, when did you start managing the Grupo Somos Nós in Adamantina?

R) The group went live with the first photo published on 03/26/2018. I joined in May 2018 when the group was celebrating 3000 attendees.


  • Which Adamantina person is or was an inspiration to you?

A) Many people, especially the pioneers who fought for the city's independence in the 40's and fought hard for the development of Adamantina. I could not fail to mention my father, who was an adamantine in love with the city and did a lot for it. Few people know that he was the creator of the 4th school group (current Durvalino Grion) and one of the most responsible in the fight for the donation of the city hall land for the construction of the first Fafia. He was a great sportsman, directed all professional teams in the city and also councilor in the 73/76 legislature, a time when councilors were not paid.

  • What's the craziest thing you've ever done in the city of Adamantina?

A) I studied teaching at Helen Keller. In the last year and in the last test of the subject “Pratica”, professor Cidinha Bocardi, me and two colleagues did very poorly and ran the risk of failing precisely in the last year. So we came up with a plan to invade the teachers' room at dawn (there was no watchman), open the teacher's locker and “correct the answers”. In this plan there was even a plan with the dimensions of the place, where to enter, which was the teacher's locker, and the tasks of each, one of which would enter through the window and the others would be watching. The school was open and had a lawn in the yard where some horses we had not seen grazed. When it was time to enter through the glass window, one of the horses gave a strong neigh... in a fraction of a second, the failed “robbers” were already out of breath in the city's garden and the plan went into space. In the end, teacher Cidinha, who was a sweetheart, gave a grade to everyone and we passed...

  • What is the feeling that most represents what you “feel for the city of Adamantina?

R) Maternal feeling. I was born in Colônia Paulista, house nº 04, I consider the city as my second mother and I am very proud to say that I am your son. I left Adamantina at the age of 19 and I live in São Paulo at 49. But Adamantina never left me. My affective memory for the city is intense and constant. I lived my childhood and youth in the city, a time that marks everything in everyone's life. I remember every day everything I experienced in Adamantina in each of these periods, the people, the streets, friends, events.  

  • Néio, what else takes up your time in the administration of Grupo Somos Nós from Adamantina?

A) As I am very active in the group, many people think that I spend all day just doing this. But it's not true. Although I am officially retired, I am still active. I have been a Business Manager for 20 years in an industry in MG and I also help, when I can, my children, who have an e-commerce. It so happens that both activities are done virtually, which gives me the opportunity to be on the air all day and follow the group almost in real time.

  • What's the coolest thing that's happened to you in Adamantina?


A) Lots of cool things. Family reunions each Christmas with my parents, brothers and nephews are unforgettable. We spent more than 30 years doing these meetings and “secret friend” that, unfortunately, ended. The carnivals at ATC were memorable. When I gave my parents the simultaneous diplomas of Teaching and Accounting Technician. They were also at my Business Administration graduation in São Paulo, on these occasions they were very happy and it made a big impression on me. When I wore the glorious Guarani FC shirt for the first time, even though I was from the amateur team, it was a huge honor.  


  • Néio, how did you meet Suca, Sueli Yamauti, creator of the Group that kick-started it?


A) I still don't know the Suca personally, I hope to meet her as I have deep respect and admiration for her. We met through the group. When I joined the group and saw what it was about, I fell in love at first sight and started to collaborate, as I have a very large collection of photos of the city, as well as a very generous memory about the city. Soon I was the one who posted the most and Marcelo Rossatto invited me to join Administration. And it's been almost 4 years...My relationship with the Suca is one of great empathy and synergy, although we have different profiles, we share similar values, after all...we are Gemini.


  • Neio, do you like football? Have you ever played on any adamantine team? Which one? In what year approximately?  

R) S or passionate about football, my father was the coach of the main professional teams in the city (Palmeiras, Adamantina, Internacioal and Guarani), I grew up in the fields. When I was young I played in several teams including: Reca, Team do Morocco, Florida Paulista, Operário da Vila, Pedutti, Liquigás, Amador do Guarani, Team da Estação, Center Sports, etc... Futsal I played at
  Hellfire and the City team in open games. I don't know how to specify the years of each team but it was between 1963 and 1972.


  • What do you normally like to do or visit when you are in Adamantina?


R) See friends, walk around the city, remember each building or street, breathe the air where I lived wonderful periods of my life. Visiting new neighborhoods, because Adamantina grew a lot in the urban area, the city had a great expansion. The last time I visited several rural neighborhoods, such as Tucuruvi, Lagoa Sêca, Aidelândia and I also went to Salto Botelho where I made a very nice video that was shown in the media in the region. I like to revisit buildings that have marked such as Cine Santo Antonio, Jardim Japones, Stadium, Municipal Garden, Churches, Schools, ATC, Acrea, etc. A kind of back to the past.


  • How far have you been from Adamantina?

A) I have already made some international business trips in South America and Europe. I believe that the most distant was a job I went to do in the city of Castelvetto in Italy, close to Modena, land of Ferrari. I also passed through Germany a few times.


  • Have you ever played Burica (or marble) in your childhood?

R)  For sure. At the time, they called it Burica, which the kids simplified to “Burca”. I played a lot, there were the unique colors, the colored ones and also the steel ones (taken from the car bearings) which were bigger and broke the rest. The games were hole by hole and the triangle.

  • What was your favorite game or toy?


A) In my time there was no internet or cell phone and money was tight. So kids improvised and invented games. There were many such as Pé na Lata, Salva, Queima, kite flying (which had 3 categories: Capuchette made with newspaper and without sticks, Parrot with sticks and big tail with rings and Maranhão huge, with sticks and no tail, because of the weight you needed to use it on place on line 24 a kind of string called “cordonê.” A special attraction in Vila Cristina was for kids to watch oxen boarding at the pier, near Cagesp, and of course, soccer in the street practically all day long.


  • Neio, you are already considered a "brilliant" or "Special" person for having been (and still is) the best administrator of all time, managing this Group that is so significant for us from Adamantine, helping people to kill their homesickness, and you he does it with mastery and for free, he always works for love. We want to know how you feel about this?


R) I feel completely happy because I do it because I like it and when you like it, you do it well. Talking and remembering Adamantina for me is a great pleasure, I don't feel at any time that it interferes with my personal and professional life.  When I'm in the group I feel like I'm on one of the benches in the Municipal Garden on a Sunday night, talking to friends and listening to Roberto Carlos singing “As Canções que u did for me”, with the light source spouting colored water. It's obvious that dealing with people is always complicated and here there are 10,000... But I manage well, I lead sales teams for more than 40 years in my work, I know how to deal. Many think I'm boring about the rules, but the fact is that if they didn't exist the group wouldn't even exist anymore. I have no attachment in charge of Administrator and my collaboration would and will be the same for the group as just a participant. Nobody does anything alone, I like to work in a team and I share the group's success with the other administrators, in addition to all the participants who, after all, are the soul of the group.

  • To ask an indiscreet question, we want to know; what's your biggest secret?  


A) I don't have a “biggest secret”. I am a simple person, transparent, honest with everyone and I seek the greatest possible sense of justice in my performance. I had a modest but very happy childhood and youth, I built the professional and family career I imagined. I definitely bring with me what my parents taught me, especially the greatest values that a human being must have, such as respect for people and humility of behavior.


  • Neio, have you ever watched movies at Cine Santo Antônio? If yes, which movie did you like the most and never forgot?  

A) There were many, some memorable...” Thus Walks Humanity “(Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean)....” Fleeing from Hell “.... Around the World in 80 Days”... .” Dr, Zhivago”....” The 10 Commandments”....” Benhur “....” Three Men in Conflict “....Films by Cantinflas, Gordo e Magro, and series by Cobra .


  • If you had to stay on a desert island with someone else who would it be?

A) With my wife. We've been through a lot together, many difficult times and also many joys, we've built a beautiful family. It's been 41 years together. We have a nice story. She is an extraordinary companion and well deserves a very nice tour, preferably washed down with lots of wine and cheese.

  • What songs have you fully memorized?

R) As a good Gemini, I'm very eclectic about music... I think each one goes well at the right time. A modão by João Mineiro and Marciano is a must for a barbecue. A blues or jazz in a moment of reflection is good. I love Bee Gees, Beatles, Cascatinha & Inhana, Legião Urbana, Mato Grosso & Mathias...I love the songs of Nat King Cole. An unforgettable song that I would have liked to do: “Travessia” by Milton Nascimento.

  • Neio, what job would you be terrible at doing?

A) Any job that needs to be good in the hard sciences. I'm terrible at this point. I would never be a good engineer.

  • Classic poll question: If you could be a person of the opposite sex for one day what would be the first thing you would do?

R) I would go all out in groups that talk about violence against women and fight a lot for their rights. It is absurd what happens in Brazil, we are in the medieval age in this awareness.

  • Neio, here at the Group when people ask you for help, what is it usually for?

A) I get a lot of messages every day. There are dozens. Most are messages about religion or politics, topics I don't respond to. I am a political being, I like to discuss politics and in my face I expose my opinions. I think it's because of politics that you have the opportunity to do something good for people. Unfortunately in Brazil today, the climate of intolerance on all sides prevents the debate of ideas. However, in the group, there are rules and this theme cannot be allowed to contaminate the objectives for which it was created. And when there is an established rule, I become its slave because without rules you can't get anywhere. Many come to me asking for information about the city or people, sending information for birthday posts, etc.  

  • What are the posts here in the Group that make your day happier?

A) Old Adamantina photo posts. I love seeing all the photos and also reports of events that took place in the city. I like the exercise of knowing how things happened and how we got here. How the city was formed, who were the people of each era. I also really enjoy it when a friend finds another friend in the group. At that moment I feel that the group was worth it. I don't like posts that have nothing to do with the city or that have individual photos of participants without a context or other people attached. Individual photos of the person, each one must post only on their face. Religion and politics posts are deleted and in the recurrence the participant is eliminated.

  • What personality traits do you most admire among the members?

R) I feel that the fact that it is forbidden to talk about politics has given the group a space of lightness, exemption, a haven of well-being without being disrespected, a space devoid of the exacerbated passions that have done so much harm to our country. The group became an island of sanity and serenity, where what counts are the beautiful memories of our city and the nice reunion with old friends. I think most participants respect and feel good when they're in the group because it's just a place of positive energy.


  • What is the most annoying habit of people you've seen in posts?

A) Impossible in the middle of 10,000 not to have some boring, real bags without a handle. But it is a small minority who are never content with anything, bitter people who unsuccessfully try to transfer their personal frustrations to our good environment. But the atmosphere in the group is so good and healthy that these people are short-lived, they are expelled by the participants themselves. The most annoying habit is when people don't read the rules and then complain about having deleted posts.

  • What motivates you to carry out this administration work in a group as large as 'Somos Nós de Adamantina'?

R) When I joined, it was still a small group that gained shape over time, especially due to the strict application of the rules, without which a group of such size cannot be managed. I always think that a good administrator is the one who appears little, without many interventions, just contributing with posts. It's like a football referee who is considered good when no one talks about him. What always motivates me is the pleasure of talking about Adamantina and promoting the reunion of old friends, the main reason for its creation. I was always concerned with maintaining the lines of action imagined by Sueli when she had the idea of making the group. Preserving her concepts for me is mandatory. The merit of creation is hers and I respect that a lot. I am in favor of constant renewal, and I always see myself as a temporary administrator looking to do the best for everyone's benefit while I have this assignment. And “let it be infinite, while it lasts”... Being an administrator or a contributor as a participant is irrelevant to me.

  • When the Suca (Sueli Yamauti) invited you to manage the Group, were you reluctant, did you think about the challenge, or did you immediately agree?

A) My entry into the group was accidental, I didn't even know it existed. My sister called me and said...” they are talking about you in the football group...” . And I said, what group? She gave me the link and when I joined I was surprised because it was all I ever missed, talking about Adamantina, seeing friends... At first it just didn't go out, because Marcelo Rossato (who I didn't know) was the Group's administrator and we we disagreed on a topic that was being discussed about the change in the agricultural profile of Adamantina. The weather warmed up and I decided to leave. I sent a message to Sueli informing me that I was leaving the group, she interfered and asked me not to leave because I was posting a lot of interesting stuff for the group. A few days later, Marcelo himself invited me to join the administration and we developed, from there, a nice friendship that lasts until today.  


  • To finish: Which fruit or food makes you miss your childhood in Adamantina?

R) Mango Borbon, Lady of the Night and homemade bread that my mother used to make.


Thanks for your precious answers and congratulations on the excellent administration.

Interview conducted by Marcelo Rossilho

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