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Miro Tsuda

Interview kindly courtesy of "Grupo Somos Nós de Adamantina" in September 2021


1 - Miro, in what period did you live in Adamantina?  

A- I'm a native of Adamantina with great pride, right, and I lived until I was 24 with my parents and siblings on the farm near the cemetery where we used to grow coffee! Finishing accounting sciences in Lucélia, me and some friends from Florida Paulista went to work in Japan!

2 - Which Adamantina person is or was an inspiration for you?

A- I would prefer to point out not just one person, but a group of people, referring to marketers! The union, helping each other, this was marked in my mind at the time and now in my work I try to use the same criteria in the current fruit and vegetable profession in Ibiúna! I didn't mention my parents, because it goes without saying that everything I am and have today was thanks to them who, with great sacrifice, raised their 10 children!  Kasuo Tsuda and Takako Tsuda my father and mother, my heroes up in heaven today 🙏!

3 - What is the craziest thing you've done in the city of Adamantina?

R- Kkk, since it's to talk about madness, then, and my friends, when I left the Hellen Keller at night, we used to pass where there were those payphones that belonged to the old Telesp and dialed the patrol radio at the time saying that it was on fire 🔥 na water tank 🤣! Drop the phone and legs for what I want kkk! Boring things right! Hahaha

4 - What is the feeling that most represents what you feel for the city?

A- It sure is Gratitude 🙏! For having welcomed my family and I was very happy in this hometown where in the near future, I intend to return again! In reality, there are a lot of good feelings mixed, right, but I'm grateful for all that she gave us well 👍🙏

5 - Are you married, single or flaky in cornmeal?

A- I've been married for 27 years now! I met my wife back in Japan in 92! We dated for a year, got engaged for a year and then got married and we are happy to this day and, God willing, for many, many years to come!

6 - What is the coolest thing that has happened to you in Adamantina?

R- For me honestly it was serving the Shooting War, right, where I learned many good things such as discipline, order, respect and the coolest thing was participating in social events such as parading in the week of the motherland, and especially participating in campaigns to help the neediest families ! The affection in the form of thanks is priceless! Would do it again for sure saw 🙏!

7 - What sport do you practice? What is your favorite hobby?

R - I've already practiced baseball as a teenager, but as a good Brazilian I couldn't miss going to the ACREA field every Saturday to play football where I was a goalkeeper! They say I was good right kkk 🤔! Modesty aside until I played more or less hehe!

8 - What do you normally like to do or visit when you are in Adamantina?

R- I go twice a year to Adamantina to see my family, right! Our are so many options for leisure huh! Go to Mariapolis to see the bridge over the fish river (you remember the big fish I caught there, right guys), go out on the street taking pictures and recording videos of the places I used to go to at the time, right and I couldn't miss the night fair to eat ones Yakissoba of life! 😋😋

9 - What is the furthest you have been from Adamantina?

A- So the furthest place was when I went to work in 1989 in the land of the Rising Sun! I missed the family a lot, but thank God I achieved my goal of getting to know a different country with a different culture too, right 🤠🙏

10 - Have you ever flown a kite in your childhood?

A - Kite? Kkk and who ever right kk! My first kite 🪁 it wasn't bought because my parents didn't give me money to buy these things, right, I was in the middle of the coffee plantation and suddenly I saw a line 🧵 on top of the coffee plant, so I went after this line to see where it was going to give and to my delight at the end I see a beautiful kite all in color with a very long tail fallen on top of the coffee plant! It was an unforgettable day, such joy 🤣🤣!

11 - What was your favorite sport or toy?

R- My favorite sport of course was football ⚽ right! And my favorite toy has always been a bicycle! I went to Lucélia, Mariapolis and in the neighborhoods cycling on Sundays kk

12 - To ask an indiscreet question, we want to know: what is your biggest secret?

A- My biggest secret 🤔 , is that when I was a kid there when the watermelons 🍉 were almost good, I took the knife and made a hole to suck a little piece and then turned the watermelon so that the hole was on the side of low for no one to notice! It's just that my father planted them to sell and if he knew I was the one who drilled them, then he wouldn't even come close to home! It's a secret, don't spread it hahaha

13 - Tell us a little about your family. Are they all from Adamantine?

A- No, my parents first lived in Quatá near Rancharia, later coming to live in Adamantina! But we are practically all Adamantineans and we are very proud of it! Jewel City 👍

14 - If you had to stay on a desert island with someone else who would it be?

A- I would say they would be ok people! My family and all my best friends! It would be nice to live in harmony with these people! 😉

15 - What song most marked you in your life? Why?

R- All songs from the 80's nationally or internationally because it was one of the best times in my life! Logically not complaining about other times right kk! You know, college time in Lucélia, flirting kk makes me remember these songs 😁😁

16 - Miro, what job would you be terrible at doing?

R- Cook kk is an art dominated by few! I make my slop from time to time 🤣🤣

17 - Classic poll question: If you could be a person of the opposite sex for one day what would be the first thing you would do?

R - Vixi Maria, it's difficult, huh! Well, I think I would lead the life of an independent person, right!

18 - What do you like most here in the group?

R- A lot of good things that you can't even number, see! People who treat us with respect without irony, posts about Adamantina's story, etc, etc, etc! Very good to be part of this group for sure.

19 - What is the best crop you have ever harvested? What do you find most enjoyable to do in your job?

R- Here at my work, we have already harvested four trucks full of vegetables in one day at the end of the year, where the consumption of vegetables in Baixada Santista increases a lot, having as a favorable factor the hot weather and the people on holiday at the end of the year there on the beach 🏖! I like to do everything here, it is a great satisfaction to know that our vegetables go with quality for the final consumer's table!

20 - Which fruit or food makes you miss your childhood in Adamantina?

R- It's definitely the manga 🥭! Lived climbing them to eat straight from the foot haha! To go down was that sacrifice huh! Once I fell from the top because I stepped on a weak branch and I grated myself, but even so the mango has a taste of my childhood hahaha

21 - Finally, who would you like to be interviewed here in the Poll Notebook?

R- I would like you to interview Roseli Ajonas! She must have a lot of good things to tell us right haha!

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