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"Potato when it is born spreads the branches on the ground..."

This Potato of ours was born and lived to spread joy.

I think he was born happy and instead of crying in the traditional pat, he laughed.

Born into a large, united and happy family, the Simoncelli Family, and still blessed with three beautiful sisters: Janice, Janiva and Ivonete.

Like the whole family, he lived without prejudice, without existentialist questions, and with a passion for football. Palmeirense, like the entire “Family”.

It was the "squeak" among cousins, cousins and sisters.

He lived without leaving room for problems and sadness.

Chattery, naughty, irreverent boy, everyone messed with him.

Her nannies were, with joy, her own sisters, especially Janiva, who was nine years old when she arrived.
He had to be a good athlete, he was a family member, he was in his DNA.

Let's consider your uncle Dinho, eternal ace of our glorious Guarani FC

Who doesn't remember his sister Janice playing volleyball for MACLEL. 

And sister Ivonete, who played volleyball for Corinthians and even represented Brazil in athletics.
Enthusiastic and irritating, on the Estação team he was the little one in the group, so he was in reserve.

And all the time bothering the coach: “let me in, I'll score a goal”.

Until I entered and even scored the goal.

So it bothered the coach: “See, I said I was going to score a goal” – “See, I have to play more” and so on.


So the coach didn't know which was worse: leaving him in reserve or putting him to play.
I remember a night game between Hellraiser and Penarol at the Institute.

I, at the beginning of my relationship with the most beautiful of her cousins, after the game, on the way home, I walked hand in hand along magical sidewalks, led by fairies with starry wands, and the reality of Batatinha two steps behind, with their seven years old, excited, proud and a real “talking cricket”: “Hey Mike, but that goal you made huh”... Hey Mike, but that ball you left for Leba huh”... “Hey Mike but if the goalkeeper doesn't get lucky in that one”... “Hey Mike”... “Hey Mike...”.
That was Little Potato.

A boy who treated everyone well, affectionate, popular, a joker, a good dancer, he liked the most popular songs, such as sertanejas, samba, pagode... A favorite companion of happiness.

There are recorded testimonials from former colleagues and friends showing their joy, companionship, determination, struggle, tenacity. 
It represented and brightened the name of Adamantina wherever it went.
Taken to Guarani de Campinas in 1980, he shone in the youth of that club.

In 1983, taken to Londrina then his football appeared.


Borrowed, he spent time in Rio Preto, then Café FC do Paraná, returned to Londrina and then we could see him in action for the Brazilian Series A championship.

On the rise in his career, with only 23 years old, he was taking the last exam at the Faculty of Physical Education at UEL (State University of Londrina) when he felt ill and was diagnosed with leukemia.


He did not get the glorious and deserved diploma.

He bravely fought against evil, with the support of all family members, for nearly two years.

I remember, and Néio, Mikinho, Tom and others must remember that split he participated in with us at Banespinha de Adamantina.


He appeared to be cured.

I think it was his last participation in football.

Months later it was taken to the Alto. Thirty-three years of homesickness, of indelible pain.
I think God, jealous to see him among us, took him early to join His team of Angels.

Or perhaps it spared him some future hardship we mortals are subject to in this mysterious and insane outcropping world. 

Yeah, Batatinha was early... for us who stayed.


But Potato, our God is of mercy and I know he must be very happy, waiting for us and interceding for us.

We will meet when we are also called.


     Birth:      06/05/1963 – Adamantine (SP)
     Death:      03/11/1988 - Adamantina (SP)

       José Michelini Neto

       Adamantine Chronicle

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